Prom C1

chemical resistant floors

PROM C1 chemical resistant industrial floors are an uncompromising solution for the most demanding investors. They protect the surface from the harmful effects of chemicals. We use special assembly systems, resistant to acids and alkaline substances when laying them. In combination with the vibration laying technology, a lasting protective effect is achieved, which allows for a long and eco-friendly period of use.  

PROM C1 chemical resistant floors do not only protect against aggressive reagents. They also have other advantages. They are incredibly durable, offered in various anti-slip forms, and so maybe used even in rooms with heavy traffic. Consequently, they are recommended in places where the main focus is on all functional aspects, from mechanical strength, through chemical resistance to aesthetics.

The advantage of the chemical-resistant systems is the low maintenance cost. This type of floor does not require frequent maintenance procedures. Thanks to that, the company can save on service work and does not have to worry about downtime caused by renovation works.

Chemical-resistant ceramic floors are applied wherever strong chemicals are used. We recommend using them, especially in:

  • food industry (dairies, slaughterhouses, bakeries, breweries, industrial kitchens),
  • chemical plants,
  • paint and varnish manufacturing plants,
  • sewage treatment plants,
  • waste disposal plants,

Each chemical resistant floor is designed according to individual requirements and specifications of the facility. The most commonly used solutions include:

  • PROM C1 chemical resistant floor combined with the substrate,
  • PROM C1 chemical resistant floor on the separation layer
  • PROM C1 chemical resistant floor on the insulation layer

These are just some of the objects where PROM C1 industrial floors work perfectly. If you are uncertain whether they will work in your facility,