Prom S1

industrial floors

PROM S1 industrial flooring system is a perfect solution for investors who are looking for a floor of the highest quality – durable, economical and tailored to individual aesthetic requirements.

The primary function of PROM S1 industrial floor is to transfer mechanical loads while maintaining its usability for a specified period under conditions influenced by specific factors.

The indisputable advantages of PROM S1 industrial floors are:

  • Resistance to high point and percussion loads,
  • Resistance to crushing,
  • Resistance to abrasion,
  • Non-dust,
  • Little absorbency,
  • Aesthetic appearance,
  • Easy to clean and maintain,

Every floor is designed according to the individual needs of the building. The most popular options are:

  • PROM S1 floor combined with the substrate,
  • PROM S1 floor on the separation layer
  • PROM S1 floor on the insulation layer

Vibro-pressing method: 

We use the Vibro-pressing method, also known as the vibration technique, for lining surfaces with ceramic tiles. It is fast and allows for free configuration of surfaces and slopes on the floor. With the system, it is possible to significantly speed up construction works related to the completion of the entire investment. It is, among other things, why it is so readily recommended by investors, who often use it in the construction of industrial facilities.

PROM S1 industrial floors are used, among others, in

  • commercial facilities,
  • car service workshops,
  • diagnostic stations,
  • production halls,
  • warehouses,
  • public utility buildings.

These are just some of the objects where PROM S1 industrial floors work perfectly. If you are uncertain whether they will work in your facility,