Prom K1

bonded industrial floor

PROM K1 system bonded industrial floor is an excellent choice for investors who seek an aesthetic floor with high strength parameters.

The most significant advantages of PROM K1 bonded industrial floors are:

  • Resistance to high point and percussion loads,
  • Resistance to crushing,
  • Resistance to abrasion,
  • Non-dust,
  • Little absorbency,
  • Aesthetic appearance,
  • Easy to clean and maintain,

PROM K1 bonded industrial floors are ideal for:

  • commercial facilities,
  • car service workshops,
  • diagnostic stations,
  • production halls,
  • warehouses,
  • public utility buildings

These are just some of the objects where PROM C1 industrial floors work perfectly. If you are uncertain whether they will work in your facility,